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Sculpture by Auguste Rodin
Calle & Jennie Rehbinder
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At the moment, most of our workshops (or at times, all of them) are presented in the Swedish language, for Swedish speaking workshop participants only – also the workshops we give in Norway and France (Norwegians and Danes understand Swedish). Therefore we feature very few workshops on this page (or at times, none). We do give workshops, lectures and coaching in English, but often we have nothing scheduled.

If you want to know more about our workshops that we are featuring in the Swedish language, please visit our Swedish web site Cirkus Eros, and go to the page Kurser, or the schedule page Kalendarium. There you can get a lot of information, and also dates. That will also give you a better picture of the actual amount of workshops, lectures and coaching we present, and the great variety.

Coming workshops and other events:
In English Ängsbacka No Mind Festival
June 30-July 7, 2010, Ängsbacka, Sweden
In this week-long festival we will present at least one lecture/workshop, which is booked, but there may be more once we get closer in time.

The 9 Languages of Love, our own theory about all the different ways we communicate love, and how to understand each other.
The workshop is open for everyone, regardless of gender, relationships, age, orientation or any other variation.
Workshop dates and other events will be added to this page
when we have events scheduled in English.

The Power of Love Divine Ecstacy Divine Ecstacy The Power of Love
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