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Sculpture by Auguste Rodin
Calle & Jennie Rehbinder
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Eros Education - Festivals distans
We have perfect workshops for festivals - a great number of fantastic programs, adaptable for almost any festival. And we can present our workshops, seminars and lectures in either Swedish or English, depending on the crowd present.
distans Short workshops, in an hour, two hours or four - no problems. We can provide. From very dynamic, explorational, tantric workshops, possibly including nudity and open sexuality to soft, introductory and inspirational workshops with optional clothing or no nudity at all - such as lectures about The 9 Languages of Love. We can cover the whole range.
distans We have participated in several festivals, some of them for an international audience (in English), such as the No Mind Festival 2006, where we are again scheduled for this summer 2012, and in April-May 2010 we participated with a tantric mini-workshop at the Touch & Play Festival in Berlin.
distans Other than that we have participated in several festivals and programs in Swedish, such as the Sexsibility festival (for three years in a row), so we are very familiar with the festival format, presenting short mini-workshops to fit into a larger program with many workshop leaders.
distans The best information source on what kind of workshops we can provide, you will find at the page Workshops - special design, where we describe a range of possible workshops we can present at your festival.

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